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Herby Helpers for Animals 

There is nothing better than getting more than one use from a plant, and with herbs, you can get so much from of them!


Normally herbs provide a visual, edible, fragrant treat to your garden, but with these herb varieties are alsow tried and tested remedies for your pets and pests.

All plants listed below are seasonally available from Basilea Living Herbs as a seedling suitable for picking today to use straight away, and planting tomorrow in your garden.


  • Catnip

  • Catmint

  • Cat Grass - also loved by dogs, chickens, guinnea pigs, rats and mice



  • Red Dandelions

  • Endive

  • Gai Choi


Repellent for Cats and Dogs


  • Dogbane


Repellent for Flying Insects


  • Pennyroyal Mint

  • Catnip

  • Basil Mint

  • Peppermint




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