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Basilea Farm Open Day

Basilea Living Herbs is an urban farm and wholesale nursery in the heart of the Moreton Bay region and only opens its doors to the public every 3rd Saturday of the month for this special Basilea Farm Open Day event.

Browse and purchase seasonal spray-free, sun-hardy 50mm pot seedlings including gourmet herbs, edible flowers and salad, spinach, and mustard greens. There is also a selection of books, garden, kitchen, and home products available to purchase. 

Find everything you need to create your own kitchen garden with fresh herbs for cooking, salads, and teas; edible flowers for baking and salads; and vitamin-packed greens for stir-fries and salads.

Meet Owner and Grower, Sarah and her team, who are on hand to give advice on the 80+ varieties of plants available and give essential, localised growing tips so you can grow them at home.

Don't forget your hat, sunscreen and a bag or box to take your plants home. Also, bring your used Basilea pots and we'll recycle them. 

Look forward to seeing you then!

2022 dates:

17th of September

Special Guest - KATE WALL

10 am - Weed ID session,

11:30 am - Earth repair gardening 

Kate Wall (BSc) will help make your garden all you want it to be, through her books, talks, garden consultations, and gardening workshops.


"I specialise in teaching people to garden in harmony with nature, ensuring beautiful and successful gardens for gardeners of all levels of experience. By working with nature, I focus on a very sustainable approach to gardening which is not only eco-friendly but also makes the job at hand so much easier. "

from Gardening Workshops, Consultations - Kate Wall - Brisbane, Queensland

A run down of the open day:

9:00am - Welcome!

Take your map and basket and head off around the farm, choosing your favourite herbs and edible flower seedlings.  There is also mushroom compost, sugarcane mulch and organic plant food available for purchase.  

9.30am & 11:30am - Meet the Grower talk (10 mins) and a special guest!

Meet owner and grower, Me, Sarah Heath at the workshop courtyard to hear about the farm & learn some tips for planting.  Our special guest will then take the floor to fill you with knowledge!

When you are ready, make your final purchase at the cashier at the top of the hydroponic system near the shed.  Please ask us if you would like your plants labeled. 

1pm - Closed for the day and excited to see you next time!



 Community tours of the farm!

Basilea Farm also runs private tours of the farm.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to bring your questions to Sarah and get one on one time together.  

Topics you could cover:

  • How to set up your own herb garden

  • What herbs, greens and edible flowers are in season

  • How to use lesser known herbs, greens and edible flowers

  • What is the secret to growing coriander at home?

  • Hydroponics, propagation and edible flowers

  • How do you manage kitchen garden pests organically in sub-tropical Queensland?

Interested in join us on a tour?  Enquire here

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