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Basilea Farm Open Day

Discover a sensory journey at Basilea Living Herbs, a peri-urban farm, and wholesale nursery nestled in the heart of the Moreton Bay region. Join us every 3rd Saturday of the month for the exclusive Basilea Farm Open Day, 
;"'Free Entry"

Explore the vibrant aisles, selecting from our seasonal array of spray-free, sun-hardy 50mm pot seedlings—featuring gourmet herbs, edible flowers, and an assortment of salad greens like spinach and mustard. As you immerse yourself in the beauty of our offerings, don't miss the opportunity to meet Owner and Grower Sarah and her expert team. They're here to guide you through our diverse collection of 80+ plant varieties, providing essential growing tips for success in your own garden.

But the experience doesn't end with our lush greenery. Kickstart your morning on-site with a cup of aromatic coffee from Chili Coffee and explore locally-made preserves by Joyous Jams. Fulfill your soil and compost needs with offerings from In the Loop BNE and Red Soil Organics, ensuring your garden thrives. This month, we welcome Ibis Brewing Company to share with us their Strawberry Lemonade & Finger Lime soda 'Bin Jucie'. 

Additionally, delve into the fascinating world of native bees with an educational display by Queensland Herb Society member Harold. It's a unique opportunity to learn more about these essential pollinators.

Don't forget your hat, sunscreen, and a bag or box to carry home your newfound treasures. Join us for a day of discovery, community, and the finest in local produce at Basilea Farm Open Day. We eagerly welcome you!


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2024 dates:                              Sarah talk topic:                                                     
January 20th                      Hot Growing, surviving the heat of Summer
February 17th                       No Spray, Pest Solution Secrets 
March 17th:                           How to select the best seedlings
April 20th Getting                Green Bit's - Getting herbs into kids                                        

May 18th                               Not known

June 15th                               Winter Warmers - Spicy Salads                    
July 20th                               Not known
August 17th                            Alternative Lawn Herbs 
September 21st                       
Tea Please - Surprising  Tea Herbs
November 18th (Pop Up Gifting Market) Vendor EOI form click here

December 21st
2023 dates:
December 16th:                       N
ature's festive flare


A rundown of the open day:

9:00 am - Welcome!

Take a basket and head off around the farm, choosing your favourite herbs and edible flower seedlings.  There is also compost, sugarcane mulch, and organic pl
ant food, and local craft available for look at too.  

11 am - Meet the Grower talk (20 mins) and or a special guest!
Meet owner and grower Sarah Heath at the workshop courtyard to hear about the farm & and get some tips for planting or using herbs. 

When ready, make your final purchase at the cashier at the top of the hydroponic system near the shed.  Please ask us if you would like your plants labeled. 

1 pm - Closed for the day, and excited to see you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions for Basilea Farm Open Day:

1. Is there on-site parking?
   - Yes, there is on-site parking. Please follow the signs for directions. For accessibility parking, follow the blue signs. Overflow parking on the road out front.

2. Is there an entry fee?
   - No, there is no entry fee. The 50mm seedling pots are priced at $3.50 each or as otherwise stated.

3. Do you have card payment facilities?
   - Yes, card payment facilities are available.

4. Is this event child-friendly?
   - Absolutely! Owner Sarah Heath, a former nanny with young children of her own, encourages children to explore. The farm offers a wide range of unique flowering plants and a diverse variety of insects and bugs to observe. For children less keen on nature, there are activities to keep them occupied while adults enjoy their time

5. Are dogs allowed?
   - Yes, dogs are allowed. However, dogs must be on a lead at all times. Owners are fully responsible for their dogs. If your dog exhibits any aggressive behavior or excessive noise, you will be asked to take it off the property.

6. Are you open any other time? I can never make the farm day.
   - No, the farm is not open to the public on any other day. Seedlings are delivered weekly to our stockists. Stay updated on social media for special event days to book into, such as the Sunday Seedling Sessions on the 3rd Sunday in March, June, and September. 

7. Does Chili Coffee make coffee without chili in it?
   - Yes, Chili Coffee has a full menu of beverages, ranging from iced chocolate to flat white, and then there is a sightly chili right up to a super mega hot 'fix your migraine' chili coffee.

8. What other products are available other than plant seedlings?
   - Basilea proudly supports local businesses. Apart from plant seedlings, you can find soil, compost, worm castings, growing amendments, locally handmade crafts, native bee hives, preserves, jams, relishes, and gardening books from Brisbane authors and the Queensland Herb Society. When available, you can also get Basilea Bee Honey.

 Community tours of the farm!

Basilea Farm also runs private tours of the farm.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to bring your questions to Sarah and get one on one time together.  

Topics you could cover:

  • How to set up your own herb garden

  • What herbs, greens and edible flowers are in season

  • How to use lesser-known herbs, greens and edible flowers

  • What is the secret to growing coriander at home?

  • Hydroponics, propagation, and edible flowers

  • How do you manage kitchen garden pests organically in sub-tropical Queensland?

Interested in joining us on a tour?  Enquire here


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