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How to Plant a Basilea Seedling

If you are not planting your seedling soon, keep it healthy in a saucer of water on your kitchen window sill or in a semi-shade position.

Select a sunny site to plant the seedling, preferably close to the kitchen so you can check it and harvest it easily.

Before you plant it, harvest the mature leaves. This cuts down on dehydration and provides flavour for your evening meal.

Gently separate out the seedlings in a bucket of water. You can add in a diluted fertiliser or plant tonic.

To prepare your soil, loosen the area with a fork and add some compost if available, to enrich the soil.

Use a dibber or your finger to create a small hole for each seedling.

Pop the plant in and firmly backfill so the soil and the plant roots make good contact.

Water the plant in well and then add mulch to stop evaporation.

Water your plants every day for the next week to encourage them to re-establish roots and prepare to grow more leaves.


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