Super Strong Spinach's


Long gone are the days of snoty green goop on the side of your dinner plate. The wonderful world of spinach's is here. Colourful and flavorsome spinach's add excitement to a dish and of cause all Spinach's have a high Nutritional value.



  • Malabar or Ceylon Spinach

  • Amaranth

  • Wariggle Greens

  • Kale - Pink Purple

  • Kale - Dwarf Blue Curl

  • Kale - Red Russian

  • Kale - Black Tuscan

  • Swiss Chard -Ruby

  • Swiss Chard -- Magenta

  • Swiss Chard -Golden Sunrise

  • Swiss Chard - Silver

  • Perpetual Spinach

  • Komàtsuna

  • Red Komatsuna

  • Tatsoi

  • Red Tatsoi


Under Construction


Please bear with me while I compose all the herb information and Pictures. All plants listed are seasonally available in a Living Plant, Cut herb or Seed. Please Contact me for orders and more information..

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