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Super Strong Spinach


Long gone are the days of green goop on the side of your dinner plate. The wonderful world of spinach is here.


Colourful and flavoursome spinach adds excitement to a dish and of course all spinach has a high nutritional value.

All plants listed below are seasonally available from Basilea Living Herbs as a seedling that you can pick today for your meal and plant tomorrow in your garden.

  • Malabar or Ceylon Spinach

  • Amaranth

  • Warrigal Greens

  • Kale - Pink Purple

  • Kale - Dwarf Blue Curl

  • Kale - Red Russian

  • Kale - Black Tuscan

  • Swiss Chard -Ruby

  • Swiss Chard -- Magenta

  • Swiss Chard -Golden Sunrise

  • Swiss Chard - Silver

  • Perpetual Spinach

  • Komàtsuna

  • Red Komatsuna

  • Tatsoi

  • Red Tatsoi

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