Marvellous Mints


Mint covers it all, it literally covers the ground and will spread far and wide given the chance. Also in the Culinary sense too; mints can do it all. From savoury to sweet, cooked, drunk and garnished with, added to, sauced and jammed. The flavours of mint have been idealist in candy, chewing gum and toothpaste, and lastly and the most enjoyable is the scent of mint, marvelous!


  • Common Mint

  • Applemint - Woolly and variegated

  • Chocolate Mint

  • Native mint or River Mint

  • Basil Mint

  • Pennyroyal Mint

  • Menthol Mint

  • Peppermint

  • Spearmint

  • Vietnamese Mint

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Please bear with me while I compose all the herb information and Pictures. All plants listed are seasonally available in a Living Plant, Cut herb or Seed. Please Contact me for orders and more information..

Common Mint


-Two Varieties, Variegated and Green or Wooly are both are Highly Attractive with a divine Sweet Apple like smell and a slightly Fruity flavour. Fantastic for garnishing, adding sweet mint to fruit salads and great with soft cheeses.

Try Applemint in your Summer drinks, Perfect twist to a Mojito.

Perennial / 40cm-60cm / Part Shade - Full Sun / Moderate Water and Fertiliser Needs

Chocolate Mint

-An amazing Chocolate After-Dinner Mint smell and Sweet Peppermint taste.Used in a lot of sweet dishes from Cakes, Ice Creams Fruit Salads, Cocktails and Drinks.Try some fine chopped leaves in your Hot Chocolate or ice cream.

Traditional Ground Cover and Low Boarder Plant Chocolate Mint also looks divine in a Hanging Pot.

Perennial / 20-40cm / Full sun - Part shade / Moderate Water / Low Fertiliser

Native mint or River Mint- currently out of stock

Basil Mint

-Basil Mint has a strong smell of Basil and Mint, with a variety of uses, raw in salads and drinks or cooked in many dishes like tomato dishes and pastas. As the flavour is not strong; the leaves should be added at the end of the cooking.

It may be used to make a tea that will help as a digestive aid, used as a treatment for headaches and fevers, throat gargles and as an insect repellent. Like other mints Basil Mint has antiseptic properties.

Perennial / 40-70cm / Sun-Part Sun / Moderate Water / Low Fertiliser

Pennyroyal Mint

-Lovely Distinctive Fragrance. A member of the mint family Pennyroyal is a Ground-cover and makes a fantastic Grass Substitue. Leaves, both fresh and dried, are especially noted for Repelling Insects, such as Flies, Mosquito and Fleas.

~ Try Growing Pennyroyal next to your Pets sleeping place, BBQ area or on your kitchen window sill, to keep the pests away! ~

Widely used in Cooking, Herbal Teas, Face Masks and the Essential Oil in Aromatherapy.

Only use reputable recipes as pennyroyal can be Toxic, Best Avoided by Pregnant Women.

Perennial / 15cm / Part Sun – Sun / Moderate Water / Low Fertiliser

Menthol Mint

-True to name, unmistakable smell of Menthol. Use just like other mints, in salads, cooked meals, as garnishes or in drinks.

Mint teas are used as a digestive aid, for treating fevers and headaches. Leaves crushed and inhaled or used in a steam inhalation is use to relieve congestion or clear the sinuses.

Like all Mints, Menthol Mint does spread, can be contained in pots, but will have to be kept well watered. Mint’s also tend to dieback through winter time, watch for green growth at the start of spring rains.

 Perennial / 40-60cm / Sun to Part Shade / Moderate Water / Low Fertiliser



Vietnamese Mint

-With a slight peppery anise mint taste and often liken to Coriander because of their similar culinary uses. Extensively used in South East Asian cuisines with meat, poultry, sea foods, in curries, soup, rice and noodle dishes. Used cooked in meal of fresh in rice paper rolls, salads and as a garnish. Also used in traditional Medicines, to reduce fever, as a diuretic and as an overall health tonic.

Vietnamese mint has a creeping habit, searching out damp spot and thriving in dappled shade, but if kept well watered will do very well in full sun.

Perennial / 40-60cm / Sun to Part Shade / Moderate Water / Low Fertiliser

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