A beautiful culinary variety, ginger mint has an unusual fruity ginger scent and flavour. A wonderful mint to make a warm tea. Also used in desserts, cakes, mousse and even salads and marinade. The leaves work as an insect repellant and when dried are fabulous in pot pourri. 

Growing Info
Ginger mint is an upright perennial plant, getting as tall as 40cms high. It likes moist, rich soil and full sun to part shade. It has dark green leaves and a reddish colour for stems.  Like all mints, it likes to run so either give it plenty of space in the garden or plant in a large pot.  Likes moderate watering, keep moist. To keep your mint plants looking their best, clip the older woody stems back to allow younger shoots to grow.  

Pot Size 50mm

Mint - Ginger

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