Best grown as a summer annual, the luffa plant is a type of squash that's very easy to grow.  It can be eaten when young however, the plant is mostly grown to make your own back scratcher. Yep, you read correctly.  The mature plant is dried and used as a back scratcher or skin loofah and can also be cut up to use for cleaning pots and pans.

Growing Info
Luffa plant likes moist, fertile (enriched with compost), freely draining soil, full sun and a sturdy support for their tendrils (grows similar to a cucumber vine). Loofah vines are a long season annual that loves the hot weather and slows growth in cooler times. They can grow up to 10m so are great for vertical gardening, growing up and over trellis, fencing or walls. Space plants 45 - 75cms apart. Harvest when the skin feels thin and loose, as if it is going to come off easily. Leaving it to dry in the sun can make it easier to peel.  Can grow alongside peas, beans, onions, sweetcorn.

Pot Size 50mm

Luffa- (Loofah plant sponge)

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