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Celeriac is a variety of celery cultivated for its edible bulbous root. It is eaten raw or cooked, and tastes similar to celery.  Celeriac is usually roasted, stewed, blanched, pickled, fried or mashed simular to potatoes. Harvest when the bulb is approx 10–14 cm in diameter. You can use steams and leaves while you wait for the bulb to grow, as are fantastic as celery substitute in soups and stews. Very useful plant to have. Annual to bi-annual / 40-70cm / Part Shade-Full Sun / Moderate Water and Fertiliser needs.

Basilea Living Herbs Basilea Farm, Burpengary grows pesticide-free culinary herbs, gourmet greens and edible flowers, available locally in Brisbane and Moreton Bay, South East Queensland, Australia.

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