A tropical to sub-tropical plant grown for its culinary and medicinal properties, all parts of the tree can be used in different ways. Moringa is a regular part of Indian diet, gaining popularity in the western world; claimed to be a ‘super food’. Young shoots, flowers and young seed pods are high in antioxidants, vitamins and vital nutrients and are commonly added to soups and curries.  Always do research before adding to diet as some plants have side effects for different people. Moringa for example, is said to have a mildly laxative effect, and may cause digestive disturbances.  Pale green feathery leaves, the plant gets perfumed creamy-white flowers.

Growing Info
Preferring a sandy soil, plant in full sun and likes to be watered regularly while young, requiring less water as it grows (the older plants reply on rainfall), yet doesn't like wet feet.  Use a long slow-release fertilizer. Very fast growing, will grow up to 12mtrs so do a heavy prune back in the cold seasons.

Pot Size 50mm

Moringa Tree

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