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The Kingdom of Basil


Most well known of the basil varieties is Sweet Basil which has long been known as the ‘King of the Herbs’. You may be surprised to see how many varieties of basil there are, all with different smells and tastes.


Basilea has selected the best range to suit the South East Queensland weather conditions.


Basils, in general, do must better in warmer months, with peak growing from October to March. When basil plants flower, the flavour weakens and leaves become smaller, dry and leathery. When flower clusters form, they should be removed, which will promote more growth. At the end of basil season in  March, it is good idea to allow the plant to flower and set seeds that you can collect, to use in cooking or to grow next season. All basils thrive when they are cut back. Doing this will make the plant develop a woody stem and prevent the plant from flowering. Protect it from cold winter weather and you will see new growth in Spring on biannual and perennial basils.


All plants listed below are seasonally available from Basilea Living Herbs as a seedling that you can pick today for your meal and plant tomorrow in your garden.


Basils available to purchase:

  • Perennial Basil

  • Holy Basil

  • Sweet Basil

  • Lettuce Leaf Basil

  • Thai Basil

  • Greek Basil

  • Clove Basil

  • Cinnamon Basil

  • Anise Basil

  • Licorice Basil

  • Lemon Basil

  • Opal Basil

  • Medinette Basil

  • Spicy Basil

  • Gourmet Blend of Basils

  • Basil Mint

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