Parsley is a biennial plant with tight ruffled leaves.  Often used in French cuisine, leaves can be used chopped up, added to potatoes, omelettes and on top of cream cheese.  As a garnish it's delicious in a variety of dishes or add to a green smoothie. The leaves contain high iron and vitamins (more vitamin C than oranges!) and are said to help stimulate appetite and treat anaemia. 

Growing Info
Parsley likes to grow in loamy soil in a sunny position, keep moist with good drainage and regular liquid feed. Make sure to use mulch to keep moisture in. The growth comes from the centre of the plant so always pick your leaves from the outside of the plant. It has a very long tap root so soil must be deep. Plant seedlings 25cms apart.  Companion plants for parsley are tomatoes, corn, and asparagus. If you have roses in your garden, planting parsley nearby enhances the health and aroma of your roses.

Pot Size 50mm

Parsley - Curly

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