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Basilea Products

Gourmet Greens by Basilea Living Herbs
Edible Flowers by Basilea Living Herbs

Gourmet Herbs & Greens

Basilea Living Herbs is an urban farm and wholesale plant nursery, growing over 80 different types of seasonal culinary herbs, salad, spinach and mustard greens for home kitchen gardens and local businesses.

It's easy and economical for you and your family to eat a rainbow of fresh, healthy meals when you grow your own gourmet pesticide free herbs, salads and greens.

Seedlings are grown in small pots outdoors and are spray free, making them suitable for picking and using straight away in the kitchen before planting in your kitchen garden.

It's the Basilea Living Herbs way to provide a product that you can 'Eat tonight and plant tomorrow'. In this way we provides a healthy, locally produced quality plant with superior taste that's good for you and your family and encourages the love of growing.

Selections of Basilea Living Herb seedlings are available in retail stockists across Brisbane, north Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Shop online now, with weekly orders available for pick up from your nearest stockist, direct from the farm, or delivered to your door (local delivery only).

Seedlings and growing advice are available from Basilea Farm Open Days held on the third Saturday of every month, at local markets and Basilea herb growing Workshops.

Some of the herbs and greens available include:

  • Mints

  • Basils

  • Corianders

  • Salad reds and greens

  • Mustard greens

  • Spinach greens

  • and more!

Edible Flowers

Basilea Living Herbs urban farm grows an extensive selection of seasonal, spray free edible flower seedlings and edible flower packs for use in the home and commercial kitchen.

Seasonal  selections of stunning, vibrant, fresh quality edible flowers are handpicked, packaged and refrigerated ready for use as decoration in baking, cocktails or catering.

Create stunning Insta-worthy bloom covered wedding or birthday cakes, vibrant cupcakes, delectable biscuits, colourful salads or edible flower posies for friends and family with our edible flower collection.

Edible flower seedlings and handpicked edible flower packs can be ordered online and delivered to a retail stockist near you, to your door in north Brisbane or for pick up from the Basilea Living Herbs farm. 

Buying direct from a local farmer, not only supports local business, but ensures you get a quality, locally grown, spray free edible bloom with low food miles which will stay fresher for longer.

Some of the flower varieties include:

  • Calendula

  • Snapdragon

  • Viola

  • Cornflower

  • Herbaceous flowers

  • and more!

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