Basilea Products

At Basilea we Grow and Deliver a seasonal selection of Culinary Herbs, Lettuces, Spinach & Mustard Greens, plants are grown in small pot's and sold still "LIVING". We aim to provide Value for money with enough growth to use straight away, then once trimmed plants are able to be planted into lager pot or in to your veggie patch, for future harvest. It's the Basilea Living Herbs way "Eat tonight and Plant tomorrow!"

Basilea pots are available in Fruit and Vegetable stores throughout Brisbane. Stockiest list

Orders can be placed directly to Farm and picked up from your nearest Stockiest

Browse Basilea's Full Herbs Range online

Basilea has a wonderful ever growing Selection of season Edible Flowers.  picked to order flowers can be Delivered to your home kitchen; Cafe or Restaurant. Direct from the Farmer ensures you get the flower type to suit your needs and most important flowers are fresher for longer!

Living Trays of Mints, Basils and Salad Reds and Greens also available for use as garnish.

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