Otherwise known as New Zealand spinach, wariggal greens are high in vitamin C.  They are native to Australia and New Zealand and are cultivated as a leafy vegetable used in omelettes, quiches or stir-fry (once blanched). Like silverbeet, the leaves contain oxalic acidic that can cause kidney stones and affect the absorption of calcium so always blanch leaves to remove majority of oxalic acid before eating. 

Growing Info
A sprawling plant around 50cm high, and trailing around 1-2 metres long. If you do not have much space in the garden, best to grow in a pot. In garden, plant 60cms apart in full sun and in well-drained soil.  Likes a regular drink. Fast growing, the greens can be harvested in about 8-10 weeks. Can be grown from cuttings and plant is rarely affected by pest and disease.

Pot Size 50mm

Warrigal Greens - NZ Spinach

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