The name Basilea "BASIL-LEA" comes from my mother, while discussing possible replacement Farm names, from 'Morning Grove' around the Family dinner table in 2001.
BASIL is by far our most popular crop and we have runs and runs of it. LEA is an open area of arable land suited for crop growing.
it just seems to fit so well :)
In Store

Basilea Living Herbs can be used as the freshest alternative to cut herbs. Kept in water, in your kitchen, Basilea herbs will stay fresher for longer.


Basilea herbs can also be planted in to your garden; pots are generously seeded, giving great value to you herb and vegetable garden. 


Contact the farm direct to place an order and have delivered to your door or pick up from your nearest available store for FREE! 


Farmer Markets

Come Say 'Hello!' at the Nundah & Ferny Grove Farmers Markets.


"Would you like Basilea Living herbs at your local Farmers Market or event?"


"Would you like to be a Basilea

Farmers Market Seller?"


 "Would you Like Basilea at your School Fete?"



Inquire Today by calling Sarah on 0413241576

Special Services

Basilea Living Herbs is a  herb and edibles grower. We also provide many different services, which include.....


  • Baby Herbs for Granish


  • 'Living Gifts' and Herb Displays for Events and Weddings


  • Herb Garden Consultation.

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