Asian Herbs and Greens



Herbs are Asian Food, Basilea is proud to bring you a range of plants that are both easy to grow and can be easily used.




  • Coriander

  • Amaranthus

  • Komatsuma

  • Red Komatsuna

  • Tatsoi

  • Red Tatsoi

  • Pak Choi

  • Gai Choi

  • Mizuna

  • Giant Red Mustard

  • Kang Kong

  • Mitsuba

  • Perilla/Shiso - Green

  • Perilla/Shiso – Red

  • Vietnamese Mint

  • Thai Basil

  • Clove Basil

  • Lemon Basil

Under Construction


Please bear with me while I compose all the herb information and Pictures. All plants listed are seasonally available in a Living Plant, Cut herb or Seed. Please Contact me for orders and more information..

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